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      Elbrus - the two-headed volcano, one of the huge extinct volcanoes of the planet. The height of Mount Elbrus - 5642 m (western top) and 5621m. East. They are divided sedlavіnay - 5200 m, and are spaced apart by approximately 3 km.

      A little volcanic mountains of the globe taller than Mount Elbrus. Only the extinct volcano of Aconcagua (6960 m) and operating a fire-breathing Mount Llullaillaco (6723 m), located in South America, Elbrus exceed slightly more per kilometer. If Volcano had tremendous power, now his ashes are in an area of ​​Nalchik, on the slopes of Mount Mashuk remote from Elbrus 90 kilometers.

      The average temperature of the warmest month -1,4 °, that unites Elbrus arktychnymі areas. Low temperature, crazy wind and smell of hydrogen sulfide is released do is climbing Elbrus is very heavy. That, however, does not bother millionth army of fans magnificent mountains.

      Annually Elbrus ascent dozens of climbers and tourists. As a rule, climbing Elbrus commit from the southern slope. Here is concentrated the entire infrastructure: pendulum and a chairlift, which leads to a height of 3750 meters to the shelter "Barrels", restaurants, and hotels. Two-headed giant stores in its bosom inexhaustible wealth. At its bottom face healing springs: the famous "Narzanov." Elbrus seen from everyone, even the most northern point margin.

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