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    Yeisk estuary

    • im. Tamarovskogo, Russia
    • Yeisk estuary$$
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    • Yeisk estuary - is one of the attractions of the North Caucasus, which arose as a result of separation from the Sea of ​​Azov (Glafirovskoy and Yeisk braids) the mouth of the same river Eu.

      Lyman has an elongated oval shape. It stretches from east to west, and its length is 24 kilometers. Lyman, a width of 12 kilometers has a very shallow depth - from one-half to one and a half meters. Yeisk estuary has a flat muddy bottom. Winter estuary frozen and free of ice in March.

      Lyman is very popular among fishermen, because so many of the Azov roach and the goby rarely, where he meets.

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