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    House-Museum Tsvetaevs in New Talitsy

    • Polyanki, Russia
    • House-Museum Tsvetaevs in New Talitsy$$
    • +7 (4932) 31-51-51
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      The house-museum of family Tsvetaeva is located 3 km from the town of Ivanovo in the village of Novo-Talitsy, in the house where the middle of XIX century lived several generations of the glorious Russian families Tsvetaeva.

      This family gave Russia the great names. Ivan Tsvetana - Russian scientist, Dr. Roman literature, founder of the Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow; Marina Tsvetaeva - his daughter, the famous Russian poet. The first of Tsvetaeva's family Talitsy owned a home in the priest Vladimir Vladimirovich Tsvetan who served in the nearby church of St. Nicholas, Santa Marina Tsvetaeva.

      A few years continued restoration of a historic building, which in May 1995 opened a museum dedicated to the history of a great family for several generations, the creative heritage of Tsvetaeva's life and traditions of the Russian house, family nest as the phenomenon of Russian life XIX-XX centuries.

      At the heart of the exhibition is the largest collection of memorial items of clothing Fund, photos, documents, books, related both to Tsvetaeva was born directly and with the history of Russia as a whole.

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