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    House-Museum. Budyonny

    • Budionnovskaya, Russia
    • House-Museum. Budyonny$$
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    • House-Museum Budennogo was established in 1939 and is dedicated to the hero of the Civil War, Marshal and three times the hero of the Soviet Union Semyon Mikhailovich Budzenamu. The main exhibit of the museum - the dwelling in which the family lived, and where are stored Budennogo things that belonged to her member.

      House dugout is inside a glass pavilion, where is the exposition dedicated to the fight Budennogo for the establishment of Soviet power and the creation of them 1. Cavalry. In the house where the restored interior of the beginning of XX century, are some hundreds of items, including furniture, clothes and utensils that belonged to the family Budennogo. The museum is popular with visitors from all over the country, visited him and he Budyonny with his family.

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