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    House-museum of AS Pushkin

    • SHCHelkachevo, Russia
    • House-museum of AS Pushkin$$
    • +7 (48263) 4-41-35
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    • House-museum of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin was opened in the noble estate landlords Wulf in July 1971. This is a house with an attic, built in the Empire style. Therefore, there was often and stayed in a special room in which the efforts of the organizers Museum restored the situation of those days.

      The first floor of the mansion completely given over to the exhibition devoted to the works of Pushkin.

      Second floor - a typical aristocratic dwelling with several rooms: living room, dining room, master's room, dance hall.

      Carefully recreated the atmosphere is so accurately conveys the spirit of the time of Pushkin's time, it seems, and now opens the door and enters the landlord, followed by the poet himself, who returned from a walk in the garden.

      Local places and stories inspired by Pushkin's many works, including the drama "Mermaid". Allegedly told the story of the poet's tragic love miller's daughter and his master's valet. Favorite girl sent to soldiers and it broke her heart. And post-separation, the girl jumped in the pool with the mill platinum.

      Park with old trees broken right front of the mansion, and the house is a monument to Pushkin. On the hill "Parnassus" memorial plaques.

      Since the opening of the museum annually poetry festival. In 2007, the village Bernovo and the house-museum of Pushkin visited John Lennon's widow Yoko Ono.

      The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday from eleven o'clock in the morning until five o'clock in the evening. On Monday and Tuesday the manor drive excursion groups. Adult ticket will cost 80 rubles, 30 rubles for pensioners and students in 20 rubles.

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