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    Dolmen Psynako 1

    • Anastasievka, Russia
    • Dolmen Psynako 1$$
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    • Psinako 1 - mysterious dolmen in Russia. Dedicated to the god of the sun.

      Megalot built in several stages. By dolmens in place of the mound was a holy place, and there were two small related cromlech. Then built a dolmen with chrism, clay layer and the embankment. Underground corridor of flat stones length of 12.5 meters prints not to the edge of the mound, and in it. This is an extremely rare event in megalithic structures.

      The monument is located near the mysterious stone ring - 6 m in diameter and lozhnoportalny dolmen.

      The construction dates back to the 3rd millennium BC Found a mound of Tuapse archaeologist MK Tesheva in 1972.

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