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    River Valley Manych

    • verbnyj, Russia
    • River Valley Manych$$
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    • Manych valley of the same name in the lowland bears the waters of the river Manych, went to the Caspian Sea. In the Rostov region on the territory of the valley is a beautiful lake Manych-Gudilo.

      Conventionally, the valley is divided into two parts - north, which does not reach the Caspian Sea and the south-east. These two parts are very different from each other in the landscape. In its northern half of all higher sloping beaches, numerous lakes and rivers, which collected in one large branch channel Manych. On the east side of the valley of the rivers almost there, something which the water flows only in spring and autumn, winter is no hint of a movement. This part of the valley is more like a huge ravine that during the spring flood becomes a kind of swamp.

      Rich and fauna of this wonderful corner of the planet. Often it attracts hunters and fishermen from nearby areas and districts have a great time for hunting and fishing. From early spring to late autumn, you can see a large variety of wild animals: rabbits, foxes, Korsakov, by the way, hunting them often pays off. Especially a lot in the valley Manych waterfowl: geese, ducks, sandpipers and many others.

      Here you can find birds that are listed as endangered and are protected by the Rostov Reserve: pink pelicans, black swan, golden eagle, black vulture, black-headed gull.

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