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    • vysokogornyj, Russia
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    • The name of the valley, located in the foothills of the Rocky Range of the Greater Caucasus, speaks for itself. Here, in a picturesque location on the river Hasaut comes to the surface almost 20 mineralized water sources such as seltzer. Their water refers to hydro-carbon hlarydnay soda with mineralization up to 3.3 g / l and the carbon dioxide content of up to 2.2 g / l. Heavily carbonated with carbon dioxide.

      Narzanov closed on all sides by high ridges. Its kind of isolation and separateness, of course, affected the local atmosphere. Greatness and towering mountains, colored carpet subalpine meadows, forests of spruce, slender, clean air - These places tend to affect people the most favorable way, clean, inspiring. And here also heals. In addition, here you can see Elbrus, and this is one of the best views of the famous mountains.

      Through Narzanov is way to warm mіneralnamu sources Gil-Su, located at the foot of Mount Elbrus. From here you can walk to the waterfalls and rivers Hasaut Mushta. Favorable climatic conditions allow to make trips and excursions to Narzanov in almost any season. There is also a hostel of the same name, a cafe and a shop.

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