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    Valley Chulyshman

    • Kyzyl-Haya, Russia
    • Valley Chulyshman$$
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    • Chulyshman Valley - a huge picturesque valley, stretching for tens of kilometers. It received its name because of the river of the same name more than a mile deep, which flows through the valley. Restless and turbulent river, so it is perfect suitable for water alloys.

      On small rocks near the shore are seen waterfalls. Close to Chulyshman is a huge waterfall Uchar water which flows from a height of 160 meters.

      In this valley are many burial mounds, which remained after the Asian nations, runs through the valley in western Mongolia. The most famous mounds are Pazyryk burial mounds dating from the VIII century BC.

      The valley is also a monastery, which is home to just two monks.

      You can get to the valley or on the ship through the Teletskoye Lake, or by car through the pass.

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