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    Dinopark on Lake Banny

    • Smelovskij, Russia
    • Dinopark on Lake Banny$$
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      By Hollywood films and fiction books all familiar prehistoric world. Many of us would like to visit, and it is possible, the residents and visitors of Magnitogorsk, 27 kilometers from whom settled dinosaurs. Caught here, you make a trip back in time that immerses you in the Jurassic period. Park space "dynazaўryka" literally saturated prehistoric spirit and filled with "come alive" animals and reptiles.

      By choosing to visit the village dinopark Ulyandy, you guarantee yourself a lot of pleasant moments and unforgettable impressions. The visitors are presented with a variety of services and recreational opportunities. park staff are doing everything possible to literally every visitor found something for everyone, and to taste. For the youngest visitors developed a fascinating tour through the park, during which they will meet with the dinosaurs. Very popular are also enjoys amusement park and video arcade machines, numerous playgrounds. And of course, you can make a souvenir photo with any dinosaur. For adult guests the opportunity to enjoy organized outdoor activities - the park equipped with a platform for different classes sports. And after playing sports, you can relax in a cozy cafe on the lake or visit the restaurant.

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