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    Children's Railway

    • Orenburg, Russia
    • Children's Railway$$
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    • On the waterfront of the Ural River, pedestrian bridge under the railway station "Komsomolskaya". It is the terminal station of the Orenburg children's railway - the present - with trains, cars, arrows, semaphores and platform. Only the work on maintenance of trains and passengers here do children - students of the school of young railwaymen.

      Children's railway named PA Kobozeva counts its history back to 1953, when just two months by the Orenburg Komsomol members were laid five kilometers of railways and built four landing platform. Since then, the children's railway road transported almost three million passengers.

      Children's Railway runs along the picturesque bank of the Ural and links the city center with the area of ​​children's health camps. The road is served by two of the locomotive and five passenger cars. Trains run throughout the summer - from June to August. In 2010 was held scale reconstruction of roads and power plants.

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