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    Diving Centre "Aquazone" in Sochi

    • Lazarevskoe, Russia
    • Diving Centre "Aquazone" in Sochi$$
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      Diving - one of the trendy lifestyle of the last ten or fifteen years. Outdoor club for lovers of sea diving and the resort Lazarevskoye. Black Sea, with its warm, but palpable waves and the mysterious beauty of the underwater world, has long attracted connoisseurs nefarmatnaga rest. Dive Center "water zone", opened in the Lazarev district of Sochi in 2000, managed to unite athletes and divers and lovers of underwater hunting, and outdoor enthusiasts with the elements of water sports.

      The club operates in full force throughout the season - from May to October. Special programs, designed for experienced divers, as well as for beginners. It is no accident "water zone" is considered a leader among the diving centers of the Black Sea coast near Sochi on the number and diversity of the options of water activities, and in the depths of the sea.

      In addition, visitors can rent a center gіdratsyklah and water bicycle. From entertainment popular boat trips on the small boat, the development of launching a parachute, water skiing and towed inflatable structures. Even in winter life in the "water zone" does not disappear: it is trained diving and swimming, organized a trip to Egypt, the Red Sea.

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