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    Chapel Exaltation of the Cross in Torzhok

    • Zhitkovo, Russia
    • Chapel Exaltation of the Cross in Torzhok$$
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      Exaltation of the Cross Chapel Gospodnyanahoditsya on the area on January 9 in Torzhok.
      It consists of 12 columns, the designer is Nicholas A. Lvov, despite the fact that the building was erected after the death of the architect.

      Has 2 Kupala: lower and upper. In the cave chapel was found the holy well.
      In the XIX century was called the Chapel of the Holy Cross, and then in the XX century was built an altar and bell tower was erected.

      At first she had no windows, the light inside seeped through the dome. In 1929, the rotunda was closed in 1970 were started restoration work, and in 2001 transferred to Boris and Gleb Monastery, established in the territory of a memorial bust of Nicholas A. Lvov. 

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