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    Bryansk regional museum

    • Panikovets, Russia
    • Bryansk regional museum$$
    • +7 (4832)74-54-37
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      Bryansk State United Museum was founded September 1, 1921 at the initiative of talented local historian and archaeologist SS Deeva. The basis of the museum collection items made from local churches and old estates, nationalized by the government. While at the museum, there were about two thousand exhibits. During the Great Patriotic War, most of the exhibits were lost. After the war, the collection was formed anew.

      Today, the museum is housed in a building designed by architect A.A.Zelenova Bryansk in 1984, which is located on one of the main squares of Bryansk. A three-story building. Ground floor with narrow horizontal windows. The second floor has the first and fully glazed, and the third as a huge deaf plane.

      The museum has eight divisions, four of them exposition - nature, pre-revolutionary history, modern history, archeology and cultural history. In the nature presented flora and fauna, minerals. The section presents the unique history archaeological sites, ancient weapons, old family heirlooms poets F.Tsyutchava, Tolstoy materials on the participation of prisoners in the Battle of Kulikovo, the Great Northern War. In the modern history exhibits relics of the partisan movement, Dyatkovo crystal, personal belongings astronaut Afanasyev.

      All in the museum is more than 170 thousand exhibits. Museum exposition is constantly replenished with new archaeological finds and values ​​that brought to the museum residents of Bryansk.

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