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    Salbyksky large mound

    • vershino-Bidzha, Russia
    • Salbyksky large mound$$
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    • In 60 -70 kilometers to the north of the city of Abakan (Khakassia) is Salbyksky hollow, or as it is called, the Valley of the Kings. In the center of the basin is a monument Tagar culture, the largest pool in the Middle Yenisei mound, which is so called - Large Salbyksky mound. Here you can visit the museum "Salbik."

      Salbyksky large mound was built 2500 years ago, in the V-VI centuries BC. The first description of this facility in 1739 was the Russian researcher GF Miller. However, large-scale excavations were carried out in 1954 under the leadership of IV Kiseleva and lasted for three years. At the beginning of the work height of the mound is about 12 meters, but first, at the time of construction it was supposed to be at least 25-30 meters. Mound serve as the burial place of the ancient king or powerful priests, members of the his family and several accidents sacrificed specifically.

      The basis of the construction is a giant stone slabs, each weighing 20 to 50 tons. Plates dug vertically along the perimeter of a square 70 by 70 meters. They resemble stone wall around a huge mound of wooden cellar buried the king. Height boulders reached from 2 to 6 meters in height. An old legend says that so impacted expensive perfume, which led the souls of the dead in the heavenly world.

      In addition to the Big Salbyksky mound in the valley of the Kings, on a couple of dozen square kilometers found more than 50 smaller mounds.

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