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    Church of the Epiphany in Nerehta

    • Nerehta, Russia
    • Church of the Epiphany in Nerehta$$
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      Church of the Epiphany, popularly known as St. Nicholas - this stone cathedral with a bell tower, which is located on the left bank Nerehta. The first mention of this temple are found in chronicles, dated 1653 year.

      Which came to our time building Epiphany Church began to build in 1710. All construction work lasted for almost 15 years. Nicholas chapel of the temple was consecrated in 1717. The church itself was consecrated only by the end of 1725.

      At the beginning of the XIX century St. Nicholas Church decided to increase. To this end, built a new refectory. After 50 years on the west side of the church built a sacristy and library. With the advent of Soviet power temple was beheaded, and its bell tower and apse destroyed. Restoration work here have started only in the 80s of the last century. The reconstruction project was designed by architect AP Chernov.

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