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    Bogoroditsky Palace Museum

    • Bogoroditsk, Russia
    • Bogoroditsky Palace Museum$$
    • +7 (48761) 2-25-32
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      An architectural heritage of the city of the same name is Bogoroditskaya Bagarodzіtskі Palace Museum, as well as the surrounding park. The ensemble is situated on the bank of a pond formed by the river stubborn.

      Palace Museum is located in the former estate of Count Bobrinskys created by Catherine II for his illegitimate son AG Bobrinsky. The building of the palace is characterized by luxury and elegance, because it is performed in the style of early classicism. Palace Museum is the city center, from which radiate five main streets Bagarodzіtska. Layout of the city and parks occupy prominent Russian scientist AT Swamp. The ensemble includes entrance tower, which is adjacent to the main entrance of the temple, and Kazan.

      The most fascinating part of the parkland pond, clean water that reflects the facade of the palace with a semicircular projection and by the park. In 1980, the palace was opened History and Art Museum. The museum expositions tell about the founders of the ensemble Mother of God, of the holders of registered Beaver.

      State rooms on the second floor conquer luxury finishes. There is clearly demonstrated by the wealth of interior XVIII - XIX centuries. Museum collections consist of old paintings, sculptures, complemented by exquisite drapіroўkay and houseplants.

      Guided tours, a permanent exhibition introduces visitors to the history and culture of early classicism in Russia.

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