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    White Lake

    • Tatarskij Kanadej, Russia
    • White Lake$$
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    • White Lake - it samaachyshchaetstsa pond, located in the St. Nicholas area of ​​the Ulyanovsk region in the Volga center of the hill, on vodapadzelnaga plateau, whose height is 320 meters. It is a monument of the Ice Age, as the age of the lake 250000 year old.

      Transparent water White Lake justifies its name, and the clean white sand. Has an oval shape, a slight mineralization. At the bottom there is sludge, which consists of dead algae, rotifers shells, pollen of conifers, a small amount of sand and crop residues.

      Shore level, low, marshy in some places. White Lake stagnant, water and power produced by ground and atmospheric waters. In winter, ice thickness of 0.5-0.6 meters.

      On the lake there are representatives of the flora of the Ice Age. On the banks grow maple trees, ancient pines, limes, mosses, lichens and dwarf birch.

      Shore covers mixed forest dominated by oak trees and conifers. They form a favorable climate and environment heals.

      On the lake is a swamp area with Limbaugh 0,075 square kilometers. It has a peat deposit with a capacity of 2 meters, folded sedge peat sfagnavymі and sfagnavymі. Splavіna Age about 6,000 years.

      In 2009-2010, the lake abmyalelaya, in 2010 there was a fire, which burned from the swamp Limbaugh and almost the entire coastline.

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