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    White Lake

    • Novye Shimkusy, Russia
    • White Lake$$
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    • One of the favorite places for recreation and fishing lake inhabitants of Chuvashia recognized White. It is located in Yalchiksky District. Rather, it is the southern area surrounding villages White Lake and Field Burtasy.

      Like many other lakes Chuvashia, White Lake is cup-karst origin. When the oval shape of the lake has axes whose size 380 and 570 meters and a total area of ​​nearly 18 hectares. The depth of the White Lake is small and varies all from 3 to 4 meters, but in spite of this, thanks to the area, White is considered one of the largest among the 754-year-lakes of the republic (in third place, after the Black-40 and Big Swan hectares - 30 acres).

      A feature of the White Lake is the fact that it does not grow with reeds and mud, despite the fact that his surroundings have many varieties of plants and trees.

      Clean water, temperate continental climate, with warm summers and cold winters favorable habitat for fish and waterfowl, and muskrat and beaver.

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