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    White kitchen in Yasnaya Polyana

    • Kosaya Gora, Russia
    • White kitchen in Yasnaya Polyana$$
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      White kitchen in Yasnaya Polyana - is one of the economic additions, which are located in the Museum-Estate of Leo Tolstoy. It is located close to the residential wing of the building appeared in the period between 1870 and 1900 years. It was during these years, the LN Tolstoy was engaged arrangement of the estate where he lived until his death.
      A small one-story building called white kitchen is a normal wooden house with small windows. Its main purpose - baking bread master's table. Therefore, there has been paved huge Russian stove. In this kitchen also storing smaller supplies of flour, which brought from the pantry. Over time, it became accepted that it was in this building dined servants.

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