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    Indian Lake

    • Anohinka, Russia
    • Indian Lake$$
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    • It is associated with birds version of the origin of the name Babi lake. Even half a century ago, located near the confluence of the rivers and Elanі This freshwater reservoir has been home to many members of the bird world. Lived on the lake, not only handsome swans, but also exotic for Russia pelicans. The people there were pelicans name "Baba bird", and, according to local lore, it gave rise to call it a lake Babi.

      Today, Indian Lake - is first and foremost, fishing. Its depth varies from one to five meters, and the predominant species of fish have a small verkhovka. You can stay in a tent camp, which is sure to attract romance simplicity in real life "company of men." Fishermen can do it from the shore, and with rowing boats.

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