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    Bus station in Almetyevsk

    • Nagornoe, Russia
    • Bus station in Almetyevsk$$
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      The building of the bus station in Almetyevsk appeared not so long ago, a few years ago. Was built modern building with a capacity of several hundred people. The building's facade is decorated in the latest fashion - tinted mirror glass. Inside the bus station works more than five offices, waiting room, luggage storage and medical aid and a police station.

      For the convenience of the passengers in the bus station provided a huge board on which is displayed departure and arrival of buses. In addition, a pleasant female voice over the loud speaker advertises important information for visitors.

      It is important to know that the bus station has its own official website where updated each hour bus schedule. Tickets can be purchased both in the box office and order through the Internet, their pre-booked.

      Also, at the bus station Hotline. Call them, you will get all the answers.

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