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    Aslikul Lake

    • Burangulovo, Russia
    • Aslikul Lake$$
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    • Aslikul - is the largest lake, which is located in the Republic of Bashkortostan. It is located 27 kilometers north-west of the city Davlekanovo. Located in a wide trench between spurs Belebeevsky hill from the north-east and surrounded by mountains Ulu elm Tabulak, Ulutau, Big Nord, Belek-elm, Small Nord and Zaytulyaktau.

      Name of the water from the Bashkir language is translated as "bitter lake" ("Asyl" - bitter and "sha" - lake).

      The lake has a karst-disastrous origin. Meals lake mixed and is due to snowmelt, underground springs and rain.

      The water in this lake is a bit salty and has a high mineral content. The vegetation consists mainly of Ragoza, reeds and reed usual.

      The name of the lake is derived from the Bashkir language: "Asyl" - bitter, "kүl" - lake.

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