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    Arkaim Valley

    • Aleksandrovskij, Russia
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      Arkaim Valley (or Bolshekaraganskaya) is located in the Chelyabinsk region in the territory of historical and landscape protection "Arkaіm." This unique corner of the forest among the eastern slopes of the Ural Mountains. The area of ​​the valley is about 21 km square. 

      In 1987 it was planned to flood the valley to create Bolshekaraganskogo reservoir. Before the construction of dams, Chelyabinsk State University scientists were allowed to carry out excavations in the area. In the study, archaeologists have found the remains of the ancient city (XVIII-XVI century BC) and the flooding has been canceled.

      In 1991 Arkaim valley declared an archaeological monument and received the status of a branch of the Ilmen Reserve.

      Valley is in place tectonic shifts of the earth's crust, so there is a very strong magnetic background. This is a beautiful and mysterious place with powerful energy constantly attracts a lot of people. All who have been here, say that the mountains and Valley help find health and peace of mind. Arkaim valley is famous as the center of the universe. Considered to be the ancestral home of mankind.

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