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    St. Anthony Monastery Krasnokholmsky

    • Yakimiha, Russia
    • St. Anthony Monastery Krasnokholmsky$$
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      The history of the emergence of this monastery is very rich in detail. He begins to exist from the XIV century, when the monastery construction proceeded in many parts of the Russian land. In the Tver region, Bezhatskі Top Elder Anthony was sent. He asked for permission to build the boyars in their territories monastery. Welcome was obtained in 1461 and built the first wooden church of St. Nicholas.

      After a few years on the generous donations of the monastery decided to make bricks. Unfortunately, Anthony did not live to see the completion of the construction. At the beginning of the XV century Anton Krasnokholmsky monastery was one of the few who have had such an expensive and high-quality building. So could not boast even Moscow monasteries.

      In 1930 the monastery was severely looted. The whole church utensils were separated, and the walls are markedly deteriorated. But in general, the building is still beautiful with its arches, cornices, cross vaults.

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