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    Amur bridge

    • im. Telmana, Russia
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      Amur bridge until 1917 was known as "Alexis" - the largest on the Trans-Siberian railway bridge over the Amur River. This two-tier bridge with rail and road traffic. Nikolaevich. This is truly a grand and majestic structure, which is often called "Amurskіh miracle."

      At the time of construction of the bridge in 1916 the bridge across the Amur River was the most not only in Europe but throughout the Eastern Hemisphere. This grand design of metal and concrete must length of about 2,600 meters and a height of 64 meters. He was one of the most amazing engineering structures of the time, along with the Eiffel Tower and in 1908 received a gold medal of the Paris World's Fair.

      Over the years, the bridge was named after the last heir to the Russian throne - Tsarevich Alexei Nikolaevich. The history of this bridge - over 100 years of reliable service for the benefit of the people. Until now, the bridge across the Amur River is a leading bridge transitions in Russia. Amur bridge is familiar to all Russians, in fact it is shown in the five thousandth bills.

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