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    An open-air amphitheater in Cherkessk

    • Zarechnyj, Russia
    • An open-air amphitheater in Cherkessk$$
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      An open-air amphitheater - the first in the Karachay-Cherkessia Republic amphitheater, opened in September 2013 in Charkesk. Located on the territory of the city recreation park "Green Island".

      The amphitheater is designed for 1060 seats and is decorated in antique style, and at the entrance to the building are thoughtfully sculptures of Greek gods. On the ground floor of the amphitheater located administrative offices, dressing rooms for artists and small cafes. The main part of the building - a concert hall. It is located inside the building. Located in the center of the semi-circular stage decorated on both sides of the ancient Greek colony. From the stage rise up the ranks lined tiered seats. Territory around the amphitheater ordered from sidewalks paving, benches and beautiful flower beds.

      Visual space are rezanataram perfectly sound. As a result, the sound from the stage can be heard even in the top ranks. The new amphitheater is planned to hold various competitions, concerts and festivals. September 21, 2013 in honor of the city are already hosted the first concert, which were well-known Russian singers - Maxim, Denis Maidan and Ephraim Amiramov.

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