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    Airport Krymsk

    • Krymsk, Russia
    • Airport Krymsk$$
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    • Airport Krymsk - a military airfield, which is located in the outskirts of the Krasnodar Territory Krymsk on the north side. Here is avіyagrupa, which is part of the seventh brigade EKR. With this air base are added such as fighter Su-27SM3, Su-30m2 and Su-27, as well as the Ka-27. In submission of the air group has a military airfield "Marozaўsk" located in the Rostov region.

      In 2011, the airfield Krymsk was closed for renovation.

      According to some sources, the airport has suffered from the great flood in the city in July 2012, but the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation has denied information about large-scale damage to the airfield Krymsk.

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