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    Airport Yeisk

    • Morskoj, Russia
    • Airport Yeisk$$
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    • Eisk Airport is located in Russia, near the town of the same name. This airport co-location, which has existed since 1950, except for Naval Aviation and Air Force Russia it has been used by civil aviation.

      Since 2012, the airport has ceased to serve civil aviation flights. Included in the airport of the "Basel Aero". Takes the Yak-42, Tu-134, CRJ-200 and helicopters of all types.
      Has three runways. Two of them are covered asfaltabetonam (2,502 meters and 3,500 meters), one - soil (1,800 meters).

      In this military airport is the headquarters of the first Guards Svir, Stalingrad Composite Air Division and the Supreme Military Aviation Group Aviation Institute Yeisk, which has L-39 aircraft.

      ICAO code - URKE, IATA - UCSC.

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