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    • Adzhigardak - a mountain range located in the southern Urals near the town of Asha, Chelyabinsk region. It consists of sedimentary rocks with deep gullies, ravines, near the spine is the river Sim. The highest point of the array is the unnamed peak which has a height of 738.6 meters, the second highest mountain Adzhigardak, which rises to 581.5 meters above sea level. These places are famous for its magnificent scenery, snow-covered mountain peaks Adzhigardak attracts photographers from all over and ranks first on the covers of magazines and calendars. Also here is the eponymous ski resort, the enchanting beauty of the Ural nature, clean air, beautiful forests, beautiful parks and ten equipped snoubordnimi descents.

      The average temperature in these places in the winter is 8-12 degrees below zero. In Adzhigardak are the most track - for simple, for beginners as well as intermediate, and advanced. All slopes are certified by the International Ski Federation - FIS. For those who enjoy a relaxing free, relaxing stay at a ski resort, there are seven ski lifts, sitting where you can admire the beauty Adzhigardak.

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