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    Lower Lake Tuyukskoe

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    Tuyukskoe lower lake is 2 kilometers and 110 meters above sea level Its length is about 330 meters 265 meters and width The deepest point of the lake is three meters Lake comes from the glaciers melt From the north lake podpruzhivaetsya bog ... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Upper Lake Tuyukskoe

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    Its length is about 250 meters long and 265 meters The total length of the coastline is 1 kilometer to 50 meters The lake has a circular shape slightly elongated from the south side to the north In the western part of the lake shore fringed with... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Ulagansky plateau

    The height of the plateau averages about 2 000 meters The highest point Ulagan plateau about 3 500 meters This place is visited by tourists hardly so in the territory of the plateau can be found only 2 tourist center In this place there is a huge... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Lower Lake Shavlinskih

    The deepest point of the Lower Shavlinskih lake is 40 meters This lake is covered with more mud In the middle of the lake can be seen fairly large shoals in some places overgrown with reeds Large expanses of water are seen exclusively  coast... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Upper Lake Shavlinskih

    Top Shavlinskih lake is situated at an altitude of 2 km 164 meters above sea level and is located at the top edge of the forest On the shores of the lake are located in a chaotic manner of the clastic rocks that reach sizes of up to five meters ... attractions, Natural Attractions


    Some of the most powerful sensations possible experience on pass Chike Taman which is on the Chu tract Its height is 1 460 meters But through the steep slopes that winding road and Chike Taman perceived much higher At the top of the pass is ... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Музей Солнца

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