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    Monument to soldiers-drivers

    Monument dedicated to the heroism of the driver of motorists during the Great Patriotic War Its authors sculptor and architect P F Movchun A A Gayduchenya monument installed in 1968 in the town of Aspen Hill five kilometers from the Bryansk This is

    The memorial complex "Partisan Glade"

    Guerrilla glade a memorial complex which is located in the Bryansk forests 12 kilometers east of the border city of Bryansk on the banks of the river Snezhet The architect of the complex V N Gorodkov The opening took place in 1969 Partisan meadow

    Barrow of Immortality

    Barrow of Immortality a monument in honor of those killed during the war against the invaders The monument is a symbol of the city Located in the Soviet Bryansk region in the park of culture and recreation Nightingales Laid was opened May 11 1967 up

    Saviour's Church Grobovskaya

    Spaso Bulgakov church one of the most beautiful Orthodox churches of the city It was built in 1904 at the expense churchwarden merchant PS Mogilevtseva and replaced the standing near the old wooden church The author of the project was the architect

    Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin

    In memory of stay in Bryansk Peter I and Alexander I commissioned and financed by local merchant AA Baev was built a stone Church of the Nativity It was built on the site of a wooden church cemetery an unknown architect and represents a 

    Bryansk regional museum

    Bryansk State United Museum was founded September 1 1921 at the initiative of talented local historian and archaeologist SS Deeva The basis of the museum collection items made from local churches and old estates nationalized by the government  

    Bryansk Literary Museum

    Bryansk Literary Museum is located in a two story building built in 1882 the former merchant's mansion The main purpose of the museum to talk about Bryansk writers and poets of becoming literary activity in Bryansk acquaint visitors with  the

    Bryansk Regional Drama Theatre named after AK Tolstoy

    Opening of Bryansk Drama November 7 1926 The theater was built in the center of Moscow on the project architect constructivists A Z Grinberga In the history of the city that was the first theater building actually corresponds to the stage tasks

    Memorial to the 1000 anniversary of Bryansk

    Monument to the 1000 anniversary of Bryansk sculptor Yu G Orehova built in 1985 on the highest point of the city Intercession mountain This impressive memorial consists of a stele with a female figure and the sculptural group Relight and Bayan This

    Museum Tkachev brothers

    Museum of Popular Artists of the USSR a member of the Russian Academy of Arts State Prize honorary citizens of the city of Bryansk Alexei Petrovich and Sergei Petrovich Tkachovyh opened its doors September 14 1995 The museum is located  a two
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