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    Buinichi field

    In Belarus where one in four died during the Second World War many monuments of the cruel bastard One of them Buinichi field majestic and austere memorial soldier field of Fame dedicated to the heroism of the defenders of Mogilev In 1941 ill  it

    Cathedral of St. Stanislaus

    Cathedral of St Stanislaus is shrouded in mystery Before this monument of art and architecture of the XVIII century church called Our Lady of the Assumption and the Carmelite known from the XII century In Mogilev Carmelites appeared in the XVII

    Building Bids

    In February 1917 Mogilev was the third military capital of Russia after Moscow and St Petersburg Here was located the General Headquarters lived Nicholas II and members of the royal family In today Mogilev preserved buildings that I have and 

    Church of the "Three Hierarchs"

    Three Saints Cathedral is considered the main Orthodox church in Mogilev and also refers to the monuments of architecture of the early XX century Named in honor of the Three Saints John Chrysostom Basil the Great and Gregory the Theologian

    Palace George Konisskij

    Konisskij Palace a modest house in classic style in the heart of Mogilev Not all the citizens know what is interesting is inconspicuous building However the owner of the mansion was an extraordinary person A memorial plaque at the entrance

    Complex Nicholas Church

    Complex Nicholas Church the only surviving in Eastern Belarus complex in the style of the Belarusian Baroque On paper the St Nicholas Monastery was founded in the early XVII century actually the first building was created only in the 70's of the

    Complex "Belarusian village of the 19th century"

    Very near to Mogilev opposite the Buinichi field is an ethnographic open air complex Tavern Territory tavern is well thought out and very well appointed It is beautiful and very comfortable One part of the cultural and entertainment complex a kind

    Attraction "Safari by rail"

    Safari by rail a unique journey during which time you take a trip on the original train see rare animals listed in the Red Book and learn many interesting facts from the history of these places The train on which you move was designed and built in

    Zoo in Mogilev

    In Mogilev zoo rare species of animals including those listed in the Red Book This aurochs badgers deer wolf and others Bison the largest representative of the fauna In the XVIII century as a result of deforestation population of this species has

    Mogilev Airport

    Mogilev Airport is located 17 kilometers north west of the city of Mogilev he was commissioned in 1971 International status and at the same time IV class airport was awarded in 1998 the area by the time it was 165 2 ha   The length of its runway
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