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    Guam Gorge

    Guam Gorge River Gorge Kurdzhips located on the northern edge of the plateau and Lagonaki are some gates of the mountain area The length of the gorge corresponds to the sum of 3 kilometers and a depth 400 meters places the gorge narrows to 2 meters

    Temple of the Holy Prince Michael of Chernigov

    Temple of the Holy Prince Michael of Chernigov a temple built in 1913 in neo Russian style by architect Pokrovsky on the donations of citizens Rector of the church the father of Barnabas After the October Revolution of 1917 the Orthodox Church was

    Beach "cooler"

    Cooler secluded beach on a thick cape of Gelendzhik Abode sweet heady air crystal clear waters picturesque landscape sketches pines junipers oaks and nudists You will not find a sandy beach and go down to the sea will have the slippery overgrown

    Safari Park

    Safari Park a great opportunity to get closer to nature Approximation provide Himalayan bears tigers wild boars lions wolves and many other animals found here in a semi free conditions a variety of flora Using the services of cable  the road you

    Yew-tree grove

    Tiso boxwood grove a mysterious museum of rare and valuable trees guardian fairy species mystical twilight and eternal coolness 300 hectares of unique park with trees pre Ice Age a tree whose age is over a couple of thousand years This is not

    Rocks "mouse holes"

    Rocks mouse holes caves formed in the coastal cliffs located near Cape Kadosh Wildness of the place fascinates and attracts Involved in the layered rocks better in good weather as most of the way to the holes runs through  water with uneven

    Water park "Dolphin"

    Waterpark Dolphin the water joy on the Black Sea coast 3 12 hectares of abating and extreme entertainment Fans of adrenaline will find extreme water rides to tickle nerves 15 meter hill Kamikaze Anaconda Rapid River Space cylinder There where scared

    Dolmen Psynako 1

    Psinako 1 mysterious dolmen in Russia Dedicated to the god of the sun Megalot built in several stages By dolmens in place of the mound was a holy place and there were two small related cromlech Then built a dolmen with chrism clay layer and the

    Embankment Gelendzhik

    Scenic waterfront Gelendzhik one of the symbols of the city It is the world's longest promenade Its length is over 10 km Embankment is divided into three parts the southern central and northern The southern part of the promenade was completed in

    Blue Bay

    Blue Bay is usually called a small village 13 kilometers from the center of Gelendzhik Here is the resort of the same name and the Institute of Oceanology of the PP Shyrshovu Russian Academy of Sciences Research ships are sent to carry out
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