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    Yeni-Kale Fortress

    Turkish fortress at the narrowest part of the Kerch Strait in the north eastern part of the city Name in Turkish language means New Fortress Holds up to 12 thousand Soldiers fortress controlled the passage of ships between the Azov and Black Seas

    Waterpark Cape of Good Hope

    Cape of Good Hope one of the largest water parks in Ukraine Opened in Berdyansk in 2006 It was established on 28 rides slides Valley of the Serpent a bizarre intertwining of three slides snakes ranging in length from 107 to 133 the attraction is

    The Rock graves

    Tract Stone Tombs a small mountainous country in the steppes of Azov region Volcanic rocks age of about 2 billion years Formed here a series of peaks that as a result of weathering turned into a range of expressive natural sculptures   Rocky

    Exotic Ostrich Farm

    Ostrich Farm Exotic is located in a picturesque part of eastern Crimea on the eastern tip of the Kerch Peninsula The farm occupies 10 hectares The first herd of ostriches were brought to Kerch in 2004 Today the total number of  ostriches here

    Dokuchayevsk Zoo

    The only zoo in the Donbas created by the efforts of the personnel of local enterprise Dokuchayevsk flux dolomite plant In 2001 the company appeared zoo Then he was cleared landscaped area abandoned  children's camp On the site of the old pool

    Belosarayskaya lighthouse

    White stone lighthouse in the middle of Belosarayskoy spit built in 1835 to ensure the safety of navigation in the Gulf of Taganrog In addition to guide ships on the way to Mariupol wooden lighthouse served in what is now s Melekino Octagonal 

    Museum Sedov

    Historical Museum Sedov dedicated to the famous polar explorer in whose honor in 1941 with Kos curve was renamed the Sedov G Sedov was born in 1877 in a family of Azov sailor with Crooked braids Becoming an officer hydrographer in 1901 he went 

    Zoo Safari

    Private zoo open air safari was created in 2004 in Berdyansk entrepreneur I Kalchenko Covers an area of ​​2 5 hectares at the beginning of the Berdyansk spit Area is well laid out cages ponds alpine slide recreational facilities coffee shop  

    Extreme Park

    Mariupol Park is located in the extreme rest Ilichevskogo area bordering the park named after N Gurov Is part of the Works of Mariupol In the Extreme Park 14 rides including the extreme The tower falling Wild Train The Wheel  Ferris chain


    Observation deck overlooking the Sea of ​​Azov is located in the seaside park area near the Lenin Komsomol From a platform the classical industrial panorama of Mariupol At the same time you can see one of the city's largest companies Iron & Steel
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