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    Kotlovsky Kama River Island

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    • Kotlovka
    Kotlovsky island located in the western outskirts of the Russian city Nіzhnyakamsk that refers to the Republic of Tatarstan This river separates the island from the river Kama old and occupies an area of ​​about 40 square kilometers Near the island... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Lake "Pros"

    Lake pros is the left bank of the Kama in the Republic of Tatarstan the city Nіzhnyakamsk On the main channel of the river Kama lake pros connected channels so the water is running On the river Uratma lake is also associated channels The lake is... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Lenin Square

    City Yelabuga is perhaps the only example where urban architecture is dominated by old houses monuments sculptures not striking bright advertising The city is surrounded by greenery and a panorama of churches and examples of architecture of the XIX... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Vyatka River

    Vyatka river flows in the European part of Russia and is the largest right tributary of the Kama River The historical name of the river belongs to the tribe Udmurtskoye fleece who live on its shores Other ancient name of the river Nokrat has Tatar... attractions, Natural Attractions
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