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    Attractions → Nizhnekamsk

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    Nizhnekamsk Mosque

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    Nіzhnyakamsk Mosque located in Nіzhnyakamsk is central to Muslim temple city It was built in 1989 1996 years by the architects I Sabіtava Makuevim GI and FG khans Nіzhnyakamsk Mosque is a religious complex area of ​​2 5 thousand square meters which... attractions, Cultural objects

    Monument Lemaevu NV

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-lemaevu-n-v
    Monument Lemaevu MV located in Nіzhnyakamsk It was opened in 2001 in the park Lemaeva The city thus paid tribute to Director General nіzhnekamskaga production association Nіzhnyakamsknaftahіm Nikolai Lehmann known fact that from 1985 to 1990 was the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Country bar in Nizhnekamsk

    • /en/page/kantri-bar-v-nizhnekamske
    Country bar located on the street Avenue Vakhitova in Nіzhnyakamsk The interior of the bar is decorated in the style of 60 70 years The walls are decorated posteramі those years and the hall is decorated interested in rare objects such as cowboy hat... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Shopping center "Passage"

    • /en/page/torgovyj-tsentr-passazh
    Shopping center Passage a modern shopping complex which is one of the central covered markets Nizhnekamsk Here are a few dozen retail stores with clothing and accessories furniture and fixtures grocery stores   Careful pharmacy ATM Ak Bars Bank... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Monument Ğabdulla Tuqay

    • /en/page/pamyatnik-gabdulle-tukayu
    Monument Gabdulla Toucan beautiful sculpture of the famous Tatar national poet essayist literary critic and translator Gabdulla Muhamedgarifovicha Tukaya Monument Gabdulla Toucan is a beautiful small park on the street Tukaya in the northwest of the... attractions, Cultural objects

    Central Park of Culture and Rest

    • /en/page/tsentralnyj-park-kultury-i ...
    Central Park of Culture and Recreation Amusement Park Amusement city of Nizhnekamsk which is popular in the city thanks to more than twenty rides and a Ferris wheel Culture and Recreation Park is located near the main stadium in the residential area... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Restaurant "Ziff"

    • /en/page/restoran-bahor
    Restaurant Ziff oriental themed restaurant Nizhnekamsk which offers visitors to experience the atmosphere and solar hot Uzbekistan Best Uzbek dishes served only at this point Restaurant Ziff located on the street Youth west of nіzhnekamskaga... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    City Park, Nizhnekamsk

    • /en/page/gorodskoj-park-nizhnekamsk
    City Park a grove of fir trees with planted trees and birches near the Central Mosque to the north of the park Lemaeva in the northwestern part of the city of Nizhnekamsk He is a great place for outdoor activities reading books in silence in the... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Restaurant "Arba"

    • /en/page/restoran-arba
    Restaurant Arba cozy restaurant with a beautiful exterior design and comfortable interior in the traditional style of ancient times The restaurant name has Persian roots and means high carriage which was used in Central Asia the Caucasus and ... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Cultural Center House of Folk Art

    • /en/page/kulturnyj-tsentr-dom-narod ...
    Cultural Center House of Folk Art a building for cultural activities Nizhnekamsk which is the main facility of its kind in the city It is usually held important exhibitions concerts plays and performances Cultural  center House of Folk Art is... attractions, Galleries and Museums
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