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    Nevyansky pond

    In the center of town is a picturesque pond Nyaўyansk River Neiva It is the oldest Gornozavodsk rates and the oldest artificial reservoir in the Urals Its creation took place in the period from 1696 to 1701 in the construction of the dam Akinfiev... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Lake Aiat

    Altitude is 234 meters and the area nearly 29 square kilometers Maximum depth of 4 meters Into the lake Elnichny leak leak Hlukhouski river Shaitan and the river flows Ayat 10 meters wide concrete detained platinum   The origin of the artificial... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Lake Tavatuy

    Height above sea level is 263 5 meters and the area 21 2 square kilometers Maximum depth of 9 meters Into the lake about 30 streams and rivers and the river flows Neiva Surrounding towns settlements Tavatuy Kalinov Lakeside   On the pond also... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Lake Tavatuy

    Tavatuy Lake is located 50 kilometers south west of the city of Yekaterinburg On the shores of the lake are many children's camps and lodges Lake area of ​​just over 21 square kilometers fed by the waters of the river Big Shamaniha and many... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Lake Shitovskoe

    Altitude is 252 meters and the area 6 2 square kilometers Maximum depth of 2 meters In such rivers flow into the lake as Babroўka Hvoschovka Kalіnavaya and river flows Shitovskoy leak The water is clean clear salted   with a high content of... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Lake Vashti

    Altitude is 263 meters and the area 1 56 square kilometers Maximum depth of 2 meters From the lake flows Vashtinsky leak The nearest settlement is the village of Vashti In reservoir pike carp and perch Summer rybalіts better with a boat from the... attractions, Natural Attractions
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