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    Hindiktig Khol a lake in the Republic of Tuva Lies almost on the border with Altai and Western Sayan mountain range Tuvan name translates as lake with navel The area is very large in size it extends the length of 14 9 kilometers And its width ... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Valley Chulyshman

    Chulyshman Valley a huge picturesque valley stretching for tens of kilometers It received its name because of the river of the same name more than a mile deep which flows through the valley Restless and turbulent river so it is perfect  suitable... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Lake Dzhulukul

    Dzhulukul lake is at an altitude of 2 kilometers to 200 meters above sea level In this connection it is hard for tourist travel It is located in the Altai Reserve in a protected area Due to the fact that this lake is very rare  visited by people... attractions, Natural Attractions
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