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    Homutin Lake

    Lake Homutin located in Burlin district of the Altai Territory Located in a valley in the valley Across the lake is the river raged The lake is about 8 km width about 3 kilometers It has a maximum depth of 3 6  meters and an average depth of 2 2... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Sandy Lake

    Sandy Lake is located in the Altai Territory in Burlin district Located at an altitude of 114 meters above sea level The lake is about 8 kilometers the width of the lake about 4 kilometers the lake area 26 square kilometers The maximum depth of the... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Small lake Topolnoe

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    • veseloe
    Topolnoe small lake located in the Burlin district of the Altai Territory in the north east from the Great Lakes Topolnaya The area of ​​the lake is 13 2 square kilometers the depth of about 3 8 meters Into the lake river raged To the south of the... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Burlin Lake

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    • Bursol
    Burlin lake is located in the Slavgorod district of the Altai Territory The maximum depth of the lake is 2 5 meters the average depth less than 1 meter The lake has an area of ​​31 3 square kilometers At the bottom of the lake under gleіstaya... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Small lake Yarovoye

    Yaravoe small lake one of the placer salt lakes of the Altai Territory It is small in size and has an almost regular geometric shape The lake lies in the wilderness and how to penetrate deep basin flat plowed ravines empty space Lake shore mostly... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Monument locomotive

    Monument Paravozov this is a very unusual attraction railway station Slavgorod Altai Krai The monument is a real refurbished locomotive mid XX century set close to the station Slavgorodskiy Paravozov monument built on the eve of a railway and its... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Waterpark "Lava"

    Waterpark Love ​​a water park in the city Yaravoe which is Kulunda steppe It has a capacity of up to 500 visitors The park has five different slides a wave pool and other leisure facilities showers gift shop bar walk in closets a medical center The... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    The bus station in the city Yarovoye

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    • Yarovoe
    The bus station in the city is located on the street Yaravoe Kulundinskaya The building is a modern building where there is everything for the convenience of passengers Despite its standard form the bus station looks festive contribute to this small... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Recreation park city Yarovoye

    • /en/page/park-kultury-i-otdyha-goro ...
    • Yarovoe
    Recreation Park - an urban park located in the city Yaravoe.The park has several attractions, which hosts a variety of activities for children. It is a small park in which citizens have a rest.... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Amusement Park "Island" town Yarovoye

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    • Yarovoe
    Amusement Park "Island" - a children's amusement park, which is located in the Altai Yaravoe city, near the beach Pier 22.There are rides, as well as constantly held contests for children and programs that organize animators from the beach.... attractions, Parks and Gardens
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