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    River Shombi

    River Shombi suitable for kayaking as well as a great place for fishing enthusiasts Currently the river of great industrial importance fishing It is home to more than fifteen species of fish perch ruffe perch pike carp River flows in Kem region of


    Lake Lezhevo known by other names Lezhevskoe Uzhnozero or Kukomozero It is located in the White Sea region of the Republic of Karelia This is a fairly large lake which has a catchment area of ​​more than 1 5 thousand kilometers Lezhevo 

    Village Mashezero

    The village is located in the White Sea Mashezero region of the Republic of Karelia It is home to about 300 people mostly elderly The village operates two grocery stores and a department store Residents of the city are rarely chosen because of its


    Ondozero located in the middle part of the Karelian Republic On the River Foundation which flows out of the lake there is a dam the water level is regulated by the river flow Ondozero has magnificent scenery rugged coastline large bays  and

    Village Padany

    Posted village it's a great place for people who want to spend an active holiday in places far from the city and enjoy the unity with nature It is located on the shore of the reservoir Segozerskaya and is the administrative center of the Po 

    Szelecki Lake

    Seletskii lake is located in the central part of the Republic of Karelia about ten kilometers from the large reservoir Segozero Szelecki Lake area about 62 square kilometers the average depth sixteen meters Has an elongated shape Predominantly 

    Suavjärvi crater lake

    Lake Suavyarvi is likely impact crater and is considered the oldest known in the world It is located in the Republic of Karelia in 19 kilometers to the south of the village filed or 56 kilometers west north direction from  Myadzvezhagorsk city

    Mountain Vottovaara

    Vottovaara Mountain is located in the central part of the Republic of Karelia near the villages and Sukkozero Gimoly The mountain is only 417 meters however by local standards it's a lot A large number of legends surrounds the mountain which is

    Archipelago Body

    The archipelago of the body is a unique constellation of sixteen islands amazing in its beauty and uniqueness Here there are steep slopes and mysterious labyrinth the mysterious stone heaps and ancient monuments remaining there for several thousand

    Port of Kemi

    Kem city is a center of maritime and shipbuilding in the north One of the main attractions is the old port The main port city located on the shores of the White Sea and is mostly used as a stopover on the Solovki On its territory there embankment
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