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    Starosandovskoe Lake

    Small lake Starosandovskoe located in the Tver region Sandovsky area near the village of Old Sandow It is very popular with locals sadovchan In the summer there are a lot of swimmers and fishermen Recently however the ecological status of the lake... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Ramenetskoe Lake

    Ramenetskoe small lake is located in the Tver region Sandovsky area just 2 kilometers from the village Ramenets The lake has a recreational potential It is popular among tourists locals and tourists alike In addition Ramenetskoe lake is surrounded... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Manor Scherbova

    Scherbova Manor was built in the 1830s on the banks of the river Osugi and was originally owned by nobles Shishkov Around the manor house was a beautiful garden The decor of the manor house used pilasters arched and rectangular hollow According to... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    St. Anthony Monastery Krasnokholmsky

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    • Yakimiha
    The history of the emergence of this monastery is very rich in detail He begins to exist from the XIV century when the monastery construction proceeded in many parts of the Russian land In the Tver region Bezhatskі Top Elder Anthony was sent  ... attractions, Cultural objects

    The temple complex of Assumption and St. George churches in Baskakov

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    • CHurilovo
    The temple complex of St George and the Assumption Church is located in the village near the town of Baskakov Vesegonsk Tver region If the rich village which is located on the trading Tver tract today is almost deserted village   Complex of two... attractions, Cultural objects

    Lake Verestovo

    Tver region differs from others is its environmental friendliness No wonder it is here is very beautiful lake Verestovo It attracts tourists with its beauty attractive kind and healthy holiday After all where as not in the nature   where clean... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Manor Batyushkovs Vologda

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    • Nikiforovo
    The house was the ancestral estate Batsyushkava known in Russian history since the XVI century due to their military activities under Ivan the Terrible and the battle against Napoleon The village became the property of Danіlaўskіh Batsyushkava a... attractions, Cultural objects

    Manor Batyushkovs

    The farmstead is situated in the village of Batsyushkava Danіlaўskіh Vologda region A two storey wooden house with an attic in the classical style was built in the late XVII century grandfather of the poet Konstantin Nikolayevich Batsyushkava In... attractions, Galleries and Museums
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