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    Lake Brosno

    Brosno lake is in the Tver region and is surrounded by farmland birch and pine forests The lake is a popular hunting and fishing The main feature of the lake is the legend of the monster that lives in the lake There are several legends that tell of

    Church of the Trinity

    Church of the Holy Trinity is located on the shore of the lake near the now uninhabited village Brosno Dilapidated building of the church abandoned houses of the village and the lake with the legends of the people living in it are perfect monster

    Lake Brosno

    A legendary lake Brosno located in the Tver region of Russia Istra which tell about this place there are quite a few years they say for example that lives at the bottom of his monster draw people and animals at the bottom Some people even say

    Church of the Ascension

    In the Tver region in a lovely village with a strange name Zaholome Tarapetskay district is located a stone Church of the Ascension It was built in 1788 and had two throne According to the documents was attributed to the Assumption Church cemetery

    Lake Luchanskaya

    The lake is a reservoir basin Luchanski origin If the plain formed a deep crack which eventually accumulated water There was even a couple of small islands Several centuries ago the pond was given the status of the lake His size parameters The total

    Lake of the Nagas

    Geographic Data parameters of small lakes The area of ​​the lake is nearly eight square kilometers With a width of two and a half kilometers its length is no more than five kilometers Hence the slightly elongated shape of the lake With regard to

    Пилорама Гарика


    Холмская Поликлиника


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