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    Salt Lake Sol-Iletsk

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    • Sol-Iletsk
    Salt Lake in Salt Іletsk plays host to thousands of visitors who want to experience weightlessness in salt water as well as improve their health because salt water cleanses the skin and mucous membranes Swim in the salt lake is especially... attractions, Parks and Gardens


    History of the City Salt Іletsk inextricably linked to the production of salt and salt production One reason for that was the basis for the construction of settlements became inexhaustible deposits of rock salt which left its dome surface Іletsk... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Pedestrian bridge over the Ural

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    • Orenburg
    The first bridge across the river Ural in Orenburg was built in 1835 In the design and construction of the bridge took part lived at the time in Orenburg Russian writer Vladimir Dal The bridge was wooden and floating put it anew each year  at... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Children's Railway

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    • Orenburg
    On the waterfront of the Ural River pedestrian bridge under the railway station Komsomolskaya It is the terminal station of the Orenburg children's railway the present with trains cars arrows semaphores and platform Only the work on  maintenance... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Boulevard "Belovka"

    If you ask the people of Orenburg where Pushkin Boulevard not everyone will be able to answer this question Ural River embankment is much better known citizens of Gotham Belovka This place names for many years it was formed from the names of... attractions, Cultural objects

    Monument to Valery Chkalov

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    • Orenburg
    Perspective of the street Soviet Orenburg completes Valery Chkalov monument installed on the city waterfront The decision to install a monument in the city of the famous Soviet pilot was taken after his tragic death in 1938 in connection with ... attractions, Cultural objects

    Elizabethan Gate

    These low stone gate with plastered bricks are installed in front of a renovated historic descent to the Ural River Gates topped with a bas relief depicting the State Emblem of the Russian Empire in the military paraphernalia Flags   axes guns... attractions, Cultural objects

    The building is the second cadet corps

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    • Orenburg
    On the waterfront of the Urals in Orenburg is an interesting building built on the site of the former governor's house in 1874 Here has a military pragіmnazіya soon transformed in the second cadet corps H shaped building in the plan with a bay... attractions, Cultural objects

    House military governors

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    • Orenburg
    Historic building the main façade which overlooks the waterfront Orenburg since 1841 served as the residence military governor of the region First this place is a building provincial office the same age as the city of Orenburg When the governor... attractions, Cultural objects

    Peter's house Rychkova

    In the city of Orenburg at Sovetskaya Street Building 4 is an ancient house which belonged to Peter Ivanovich Rychkova In the first half of the eighteenth century Rychkoў held important administrative positions in Orenburg province served as chief... attractions, Cultural objects
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