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    The village Lubytino

    Lubytino village is one of the oldest centers of the region has a rich history and is associated with many famous people Also there are many archaeological sites monuments of history and architecture Included in the list of historical cities of

    Slavic village in the tenth century Lubytino

    Thousands of years ago the territory of modern Lyubytinsky District mastered our ancestors Slavs Among the vast forests in the Lake District between the turbulent rivers and waterfalls they built their settlements build relationships with local

    Church of the Assumption

    Church of the Assumption a small Orthodox church located in the village of Lubytino Novgorod region on the left bank of the river Msta The church was built to commemorate the victory of the Russian people in the Patriotic War of 1812 and is

    Waterfall on the river Priksha

    The river near the village Priksha Lubytino and its length is 16 kilometers Near the village of Galicia the river passes through a large hill which consists mostly of limestone rock and forms a small canyon The river itself is fairly narrow

    Sacred source "Tekunok"

    Holy spring Tekunok one of the main attractions of the Valdai area Novgorod region which is just outside the village of Dinner Water source contains silver ions and is considered curative The common belief that the water in  source cures

    Monument "Grieving Mother" in Lubytino

    Monument It's sad mother is located inside the park at the fork of the street and the crowd at the Pushkin in the village Lubytino Novgorod region Was established after the war under the leadership of the district administration in honor of all the

    Monument to the Liberator Soldier in the village Lubytino

    Lubytino settlement (Novgorod region) are located on the right bank of the picturesque river MSTA and is considered an object of cultural heritage of Russia Lubytino is not just a village about which few people know It is always full of tourists

    White River

    White River flows in the vast expanses of the Novgorod region Lyubytinsky District Its length is about 35 40 kilometers White takes its origin in the marshy lands located near the village of Loginov The other end of the river on the territory of

    River Priksha

    Priksha River a small fleeting river with rocky bottom in Lyubytinsky District Novgorod region Priksha is a right tributary of the Belaya River which in turn right tributary of the Msta Priksha river belongs to the basin of the Baltic Sea It has its

    Peretna River Lake in the Novgorod region

    Cross a small lake with a total area of ​​4 square kilometers is located at an altitude of about 145 meters above sea level in Okulovskaya Novgorod region of Russia Not far just 10 kilometers away lies the village of Okulovka And on the shore stands
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