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    Attractions → Maloderbetovskij

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    Lake Prishib

    Prishib Lake is located in the Republic of Kalmykia in Maloderbetovsky area Salt in the summer dry lake is part of the Sarpinsk lakes occupying an intermediate position between the lake and the lake Barmantsak Ungun Terechi Near to the pond  ... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Reserve Khanat

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    • Hanata
    Reserve Khanat is a natural reserve of regional importance established in 1963 It is situated within Sarpinsk and Caspian lowlands the center is the eponymous lake The main purpose of the reserve is to protect waterfowl Through Sarpinsk Lakes part... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Lake Barmantsak

    Barmantsak is a salt lake which are included in Sarpinsk lakes located on the territory of Maloderbet area in the Republic of Kalmykia Barmantsak is the second largest lake among Sarpinsk its mirrored surface of the water  is about 25 square... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Lake Swell

    Pai the so called dry freshwater lake which is one of the ten natural monuments Volgograd region Pond belongs to the system Sarpinsk lakes and at the foot of the hill Ergeninskoy Uniqueness Sarpinsk Lakes  in fact that they during snow melt... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Sarpinsk Davanskaya-trough

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    • TSagan Nur
    Length Sarpinsk Davanskoy basin is more than 300 kilometers Its width varies depending on the territory of the host from one to eight kilometers Has a depth of eight meters The basin is covered with a thin layer of alluvium water deposits ... attractions, Natural Attractions
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