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    Mountain Rye

    From the mountain rye or Arzhanov (Arjan means source ) offers a magnificent view of the North Chui ridge one of the highest ridges of the Altai Sayanskі mountain system and intermountain basins Kurai steppe Rye height reaches 2 027 meters   By... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Lake Saryachik in Ulagan pass

    The lake is in Sariachik Ulagansky area of ​​the Altai Republic We can see it from the road Aktas Ulagan which is located at 100 200 meters from Ulagan pass Sariachik lake is at an altitude of two kilometers above sea level Directly to its  is a... attractions, Natural Attractions

    National Museum of the AV Anokhin Gorno-

    National Museum of the AV Anokhin one of the oldest institutions of the Republic of Altai Began its existence in 1918 it presents the best exposition of the first ethnographers Altai The museum contains a huge amount of graphic works by the popular... attractions, Galleries and Museums

    Monument to the fighters who fell in the struggle for the establishment of Soviet power in the Altai ...

    Monument to the fighters who died in the struggle for the establishment of Soviet power in the Altai Mountains established in memory of the events of the civil war in Russia in particular about the bloody battles between the wives of the Volunteer... attractions, Cultural objects

    Of Ai suspension bridge across the river Katun

    Of Ai suspension bridge across the river Katun is one of the attractions of the Altai Territory It got its name from the village of Aya and the eponymous lake on the left bank of the river The bridge is very popular among tourists as it leads to the... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Chui Deer stone

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    • Souzga
    Altai region is known for unusual views of monuments stone broads They portrayed soldiers and treated near the sacrificial hills The appearance of such monuments refers to the VI IX centuries In the Altai Mountains have been identified more than 30... attractions, Natural Attractions

    ФМС по РА

    Big Chulchinsky Falls

    Chulchinsky large waterfall is located on the river Chulcha in the Altai Republic and is the largest in the region with a drop height of about 160 meters The waterfall is part of the Altai State Reserve and is one of the few objects  open to... attractions, Natural Attractions

    Bridge of Ai

    Of Ai bridge over Katun connects the Altai Territory and the Altai Republic His wooden floor looks somewhat antiquated today but the city has served the people faithfully since 1978 He was the only crossing that led to the famous warm  Aya Lake... attractions, Parks and Gardens

    Federal bridge over the river Katun

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    • Katun
    Federal bridge over the river Katun modern car and pedestrian bridge in the Altai Republic which is an important transport facilities and contributes to the development of tourism in the county It connects two important Russian highway Chuiski... attractions, Cultural objects
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