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    House-museum of Leo Tolstoy

    Moving to a wonderful estate Yasnaya Polyana Tolstoy decided to expand one of the local lodges In this house a great writer lived for more than 50 years where he created a large part of his works Now this house is a museum operated by LN 

    House Volkonskogo

    On the territory of the State Museum estate Yasnaya Polyana once belonged to Leo Tolstoy is a magnificent building House Volkonskie This historic building is completely made of stone During the life of the prince it was used for household 

    Gates of the estate of Leo Tolstoy

    Yasnaya Polyana a unique memorial and natural preserve Here preserved old buildings surrounded by picturesque parks gardens and forests There are still living tradition of the Tolstoy family At the entrance to the estate there are two round brick

    Alley "Preshpekt"

    One has only to go through the gate at the entrance to Yasnaya Polyana as before your eyes opens a spectacular perspective stretching into the distance along the rows of ancient trees lead the way in the dense shade This is the famous Yasnaya

    Grave of Leo Tolstoy

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    Yasnaya Polyana the estate of Leo Tolstoy and became his resting place Here in the woods of the old order on the edge of the ravine found peace the great Russian writer Leo Tolstoy was buried modestly as he commanded in a quiet corner of the estate

    Museum-Reserve IS Turgenev

    Museum Reserve IS Turgenev Spaskae Lutovinovo there is almost a hundred years his fate after his death dramatic Family values manuscripts and books were transferred to the legacy that many missing In 1906 Turgenev estate was destroyed by fire  

    Manor Yasnaya Polyana

    Manor Yasnaya Polyana associated with the name of the writer Leo Tolstoy and therefore known to every schoolchild It is located in the Tula region it Shchokіnskі district 14 km from the regional center In these beautiful places have been written as

    Kucherskaya hut

    Kucherskaya house or cottage coachman who stands in the village of Yasnaya Polyana in the Tula region is a very strong log house with a roof made of straw It consists of two rooms porch and a living room The room is a real Russian  oven benches

    Water Tower, Borodino

    Tap Tower in Borodino is primarily an unusual architectural monument than a technical construction The prototype was the famous tower Kampanilla bell tower installed in 1514 in Venice Campanella noticeable resemblance to the naked eye the

    River Zusha

    Zusha River which flows in the Orel and Tula regions of Russia a right tributary of the Oka River The river originates in Kamensky district of Tula region In the Mtsensk District near the village of Ancient city Zusha flows into the river Oka Zushi
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