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    Assumption Monastery

    Bayou a small piece of the Russian land which has managed to retain all the beauty of the Russian hinterland with its rolling hills trees houses churches and bell ringing At the time was Starica supplier of white stone from which was built in the

    Manor Chukavin

    The farmstead is located in Chukavin Staritskiy Tver Region In the XVII century it belonged to the boyars Sytsіn In the XVIII century Dmitry Sytsіn daughter was married to Peter Choglokov for warrant officer who was a relative of the Empress

    Holy Assumption Monastery

    Staritskiy Holy Assumption Monastery is an Orthodox monastery located on the banks of the Volga in Staritsa The monastery was founded at the beginning of the XVI century but according to local legend the monks lived in the area since the XII century

    Vazuzssky hydraulics

    VazuSestry gіdrasіstema it consists of three channel reservoirs on rivers Osugi (a tributary Vazuza) Vazuza Gzhat CASS (inflow Vazuza) Yaўza (inflow Gzhat) in Gagarin district of the Smolensk region Sychevsky Zubtsov Tver Region   and

    Vazuzssky Reservoir

    On the river Vazuza Zubtsov in Tver Region is located Vazuzssky reservoir channel type Its area is 97 square kilometers and the volume 0 55 cubic kilometers The length of the reservoir 77 km with a maximum width of 2 kilometers   The average

    Lake Gavrilovo

    Altitude is 234 meters and the area 0 23 square kilometers Maximum depth of 5 meters This is one of the few relatively large picturesque glacial lakes located in the previously released from the Dnieper glacier Around the pond is overgrown

    Yauza Reservoir

    Yauzsky reservoir located in Gagarin district of the Smolensk region It was created in the seventies of the last century by bringing concrete dam on the river channel type Jauze Reservoir is located about three kilometers to the north  from the

    Church of New Martyrs and Confessors Russian

    The Church of the New Martyrs and Confessors Russian is in the center of the city of Rzhev located in the Tver region In the spring of 1997 this place was built a temporary wooden church which committed worship until 2004 until the end of

    Church of the Intercession

    Church of the Intercession this Old Believers Church which is located in the town of Rzhev Tver region It was built near the former Intercession prayer at Krasnoarmejsky side She is a single church under Rzheve that during the existence never

    Military History Museum of Rzhev

    Museum of Military History Rzhev is located on the city's waterfront Krasnoarmejsky Rzhev It was founded in 1916 as a natural history museum scientists istorikrm Simson PF At present the museum exhibits cover the events of the Great Patriotic
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