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    The village of Ust-Lotovka

    The village of Ust Lotovka the river Balahley Aromashevsky District in the Tyumen region there are only 124 resident in 2010 The age of this settlement exceeds 270 years and the first inhabitants were exiled from the European part of Russia Before

    Presentation of Mary

    The temple in honor of the Entry into the temple of the Holy Virgin in the village of Great Sorokin the Tyumen region was built in the 18th century The first mention of the church belongs to the history of the church 1763 sad In the thirties of the

    Children's recreational and educational center "Sputnik"

    Children's recreational and educational center Sputnik (ANO DZS DOOTS Sputnik ) Children's recreation and wellness shifts which operates year round The base is located on the bank of the river in a picturesque location in the south of the Tyumen

    АЗС N121 Газпромнефть

    St. Nicholas Church

    St Nicholas Church is one of the major architectural landmarks of the city Іshymііl The temple was built in Russian Byzantine style from 1886 to 1891 years with funds bequeathed Ishim merchant Nicholas Chernyakovskiy The church has two thrones one

    Ivan with Humpbacked Horse

    Ivan with Humpbacked Horse funny monument erected in the city park near the street Іshymііl Enlightenment Fabulous Ivan the Fool and his four legged friend eared can be seen not only here but also in several public places  Іshym therefore called

    The building of Post and Telegraph Office

    The building of post and telegraph offices except the historic commemorative value is important architectural importance for the city Іshym Stone building is located on one of the main streets of the city on the street Gagarin 65 It was built in the

    Mass grave of victims of the uprising Ishim

    Mass grave of victims of Ishim uprising is located in the old cemetery Here was buried about three hundred people who were killed during the uprising in 1921 in g Ishime Anti Soviet uprising was it was attended by  Cossacks fists and

    Bust IV Stalin

    Bust of Joseph Stalin has a difficult fate Monument to the father of nations was established on October Square in Іshymііl in the postwar period In the fifties the monument was dismantled was reinforced by the war against the cult of personality The

    The prison of the XIX century., Which contained Ishimskie Communists

    The prison of the XIX century which contained Ishimskie Communists located in Іshymііl on Karl Marx Street The prison designed for 250 inmates was built on the eastern outskirts of the city in 1854 1855 years in the late classicism style   A
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